apple Healthcare接受大多数主要保险公司, 以及许多联邦和州政府项目. Please check with your physician’s office or your insurance carrier to verify coverage and benefits prior to your appointment.

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Price Transparency

Appling Healthcare believes price transparency is vital to our patients who deserve to understand, in advance, their healthcare cost. Our Price Estimator Tool will provide our patients with estimated cost associated with standard procedures. To obtain this personalized estimation you will need your insurance member and basic contact information. If your insurance information or service is not available on our estimator tool, please contact Appling Healthcare’s Financial Counselor at (912)367-9841, ext. 278.

The information provided on this website is only an estimation of charges and patient responsibility may vary based on several factors. This estimation is for hospital charges only and does not include any physician charges such as visiting surgeons, radiologist or pathologists, which may be billed separately.

Price Estimator

Questions Regarding Your Bill?

你可能对收到的账单有疑问, payment options, pricing estimates, and how our billing process works. 万博买球世界杯很乐意帮助您回答您可能有的任何问题.


Having Trouble Paying Your Bill?

你可能有资格获得经济援助. Appling Healthcare is committed to ensuring the medical care is available for those residents of our community who may not be able to afford medical care and who may not have any insurance. Please see below for copies of our financial assistance policy and application materials.

Financial Assistance

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Billing and Collection Policy

Indigent Care Checklist and Application

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